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Our mission is to co-create a thriving, sustainable industry by filling the space with mindful, passionate, entrepreneurs, and organizations. Torabis Group helps manifest their individual visions into an interconnected unified whole appearing as the cannabis industry. We act as a conduit between the cannabis plant's limitless potentials and our clients' goals, all while keeping the best interest of the industry's needs in mind. We at Torabis Group strive to continue laying the foundation for this magical plant to fully evolve the human experience in becoming an integrated state of being thus expanding the soul's journey.

 Torabis Group was formed in 2019 because we saw the need for cannabis consultants that have had many years of hands     on cannabis experience, and a true passion for the plant. As the legal market bloomed, Randall organized what he believes is a team of the best and the brightest operators within the cannabis industry to provide our ever evolving knowledge as a service that will help as many cannabis companies as possible thrive and succeed. We know that Torabis Group will be an asset to any entrepreneur or organization that is currently in or looking to join this amazing industry. We provide support in everything from real estate acquisition,  to fully licensed operational facilities. Our strong cannabis operations background can help identify properly built functional facilities or help to design highly efficient automated cultivation centers built around your business’s specific needs, Whether it be a pre-existing structure or a build from the ground up. This includes indoor production facilities, greenhouse, greenhouse mixed lighting/light depo, manufacturing/extraction labs, edible kitchens, and retail dispensary outlets. Our in-house architect is able to provide a first-class experience working directly with our clients to ensure a thorough and smooth experience. Torabis Group provides support starting with Application/licensing, real estate/site selection, design/MEP engineering, the acquisition or build-out process providing project management, and guidance from construction to obtaining final permits. Once permits are obtained we can help with a staffing plan, find the right team members with industry experience that fit your specific needs, and provide S.O.P.’s,  operational guidance/management, and compliance assistance. Prior to operations we can also help to create a strategic business plan to help one navigate the journey ahead, planning for any possible hurdle that we have already encountered and soared over. 

Torabis Group is a multi-disciplinary team capable of providing a full range of services. You tell us your vision, and together we will co-create your dream.

Areas of Assistance

  • Application and Licensing

  • Real Estate and Site Selection

  • Comprehensive Design and Build Out

  • Strategic Planning

  • Business Planning

  • Operations Guidance

  • Compliance Management 


6790 Embarcadero Ln. Suite 204, Carlsbad California

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